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Op-Ed in Southeast Missourian: State Tax Cuts are Important for Economic Growth
Posted on August 05, 2013

Missourians should pay little tax because they have little government and see no need for more. Government has an insatiable appetite for money. You’ve got it; they want it.

As the vice chairman of the Senate Ways & Means Committee, I have been through many hearings about our tax laws and have researched the issue extensively. For more than 90 years, no meaningful tax relief has made it into law. This is why one of the most important pieces of legislation I voted for this year …

Senator Wallingford Cosponsors Remonstrance Condemning Nixon Administration for DOR Scandal
Posted on May 01, 2013

Yesterday, Senator Wayne Wallingford cosponsored Senate Remonstrance 1, a measure condemning the Nixon administration’s actions which resulted in private information on more than 163,0000 Missouri concealed carry permit holders being shared with the federal government.

“It is time for the Nixon administration to answer our questions about the Department of Revenue scandal.  Private information on thousands of Missourians was shared with the federal government in clear violation of state law, and those responsible must be held accountable.  I have been working with my colleagues in the …

Fourteen Senators Join Wallingford’s Call to Demand Audit of Department of Revenue
Posted on April 10, 2013

Fourteen Senators have joined Senator Wayne Wallingford in sending a letter to State Auditor Tom Schweich demanding an audit of the Missouri Department of Revenue.

“This secret data collection program, which includes scanning and saving personal information like concealed weapon permits, is a clear violation of state law.  Since Governor Nixon hasn’t been able to get his Department of Revenue under control, we need an audit to help uncover the truth about this disturbing program,” said Wallingford.

“There is no reason for the state to save this …