Fourteen Senators Join Wallingford’s Call to Demand Audit of Department of Revenue

Fourteen Senators have joined Senator Wayne Wallingford in sending a letter to State Auditor Tom Schweich demanding an audit of the Missouri Department of Revenue.

“This secret data collection program, which includes scanning and saving personal information like concealed weapon permits, is a clear violation of state law.  Since Governor Nixon hasn’t been able to get his Department of Revenue under control, we need an audit to help uncover the truth about this disturbing program,” said Wallingford.

“There is no reason for the state to save this information about Missouri citizens, especially sensitive items like birth certificates and concealed carry permits.  Saving this information creates a liability for the state and costs taxpayers money for server space and electronic protections.  Moreover, it still leaves this information vulnerable; if the Chinese government can hack the White House and CIA servers, it is not hard to believe that some individual or an activist hacker collective like Anonymous could hack the Department of Revenue’s servers and obtain this information.”

A copy of the letter to State Auditor Tom Schweich can be viewed here.

Wayne Wallingford, a businessman from Cape Girardeau, was elected to the Missouri Senate in 2012.  Wallingford served in the United States Air Force for 25 years, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after a career including five tours in Vietnam and six tours as part of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.  For his service, he received 47 medals including the Silver Star and Distinguished Flying Cross.

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